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Throughout the development of my graduate collection, I tapped into my interest in creative pattern cutting, sustainable practices and artisanal textiles. As I am passionate to expand the boundaries of contemporary menswear, I am interested in challenging the idea of a masculine silhouette, influenced by masculinity in Greek culture.


Debris. The things we use and ‘worship’, the things we leave behind. Traces of long gone civilisations are interpreted as sacred and precious, to be religiously protected. Ancient Greek fractured temples and ceramics are seen as invaluable heritage, while modern day Christian Orthodox monks preserve their old clothing and religious symbols in plastic, guarding it from obsolescence itself.

My search for inspiration started by looking at Greek menswear through the years, until I stumbled upon the monks of mount Athos, their dress and their self-sufficient lifestyle, through the photography of Stratos Kalafatis. What will be left behind after we are gone? How will our everyday objects, our debris; clothing and waste tell the tale of our existence? How will our clothes be worn? Our discarded belongings will become a ‘temple of debris’ for centuries to come, our very own regime of worship.

Kyveli Fourli | Fashion 3
Collection // looks One and Two
Kyveli Fourli | Fashion 6
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Kyveli Fourli | Fashion 5
Kyveli Fourli | Fashion 4
Development - "wearing it wrong"
Kyveli Fourli | Fashion 2
Final Illustration
Kyveli Fourli | Fashion 1
Look Three
Kyveli Fourli | Fashion
Looks One and Two, Detail
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