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750 billion tons of ice is melting every year due to global warming. My work is focused on the ethereal beauty of icebergs and glaciers and the impact that global warming has on these melting. I have used chiffon and organza as my main fabrics to demonstrate the layered and delicate subject around the topic. I have focused on the structures of icebergs and glaciers by bringing them to life through the explorations of drape and resin. Whilst investigating global warming I discovered a technique using recycled plastic bottle caps that were melted to make a marble effect chain technique, an aspect of sustainability that I have explored. With this idea, I also made jewelry using the bottle caps and the plastic itself from bottles to find creative and innovative ways of reusing waste that we would throw out and make something beautiful out of it.

I have been exploring and experimenting with resin and decided that it would work well in my collection, combining it with fabrics to create a hard surface in contrast to the softness and lightness of silks chiffons, and organza. Chiffon mixed with resin gives a wet look as if it is melting off the body and allowed me to explore the more sculptural side of icebergs, in becoming wearable art pieces.

This collection brings awareness to the threatening impact of global warming on glaciers and how it is important that we acknowledge this and find a solution. Although glaciers and icebergs can be mesmerizing and beautiful, they are rapidly retreating and disappearing, this is what I want to show through my garments the beauty and the disappearing.

Caroline Gouveia | Fashion 7
iceberg process page
Caroline Gouveia | Fashion 6
From plastic bottle caps to a dress
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Final Collection Portfolio
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Colour and Fabric page
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Final dresses
Caroline Gouveia | Fashion 2
Bottle cap chain for dress
Caroline Gouveia | Fashion 1
Resin glacier with organza prints
Caroline Gouveia | Fashion
Earrings made from recycled plastic bottles
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