Lax Low

MA Digital Fashion


Accelerated by the pandemic a few years ago, the fashion landscape has gradually shifted away from traditional workwear, favouring garments that seamlessly transition between professional settings and other activities, eliminating the inconvenience of frequent changes. This project endeavours to craft a collection that challenges the conventional boundaries separating luxury menswear from activewear, thereby bridging this gap. The central focus of this endeavour lies in creating a three-dimensional collection as fashion continues its expansion into the digital realm, applying these digital skills to pertinent segments of the industry. The collection strives to integrate the attributes of activewear while preserving the elegance synonymous with luxury menswear. This, in turn, empowers wearers to be acutely mindful of their freedom of movement within these attire choices.

Lax Low | Fashion 5
The Menswear Movement Collection
Lax Low | Fashion 6
MM Collection
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Lax Low | Fashion 4
Hooded Shirt
Lax Low | Fashion 3
FM Pants
Lax Low | Fashion 2
FM Jacket
Lax Low | Fashion 1
Layered Frills
Lax Low | Fashion
Reverse Suit
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