Lu (Lindsay) Yin

MA Illustration


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The “Poolcore” series is closely linked to my childhood memories. The pool, along with the homework-free summer vacation, represents my anticipation for the summer season. The water’s surface transcends the spatial limitations of a two-dimensional picture, while the deserted setting transforms the viewer into the sole participant in observing the artwork, evoking a tranquil and contemplative sensation.

This oil painting on canvas“Reunion in 2088” depicting a scene from the year 2088, where artificial intelligence has become human-like and human consciousness can be uploaded for immortality. Two characters, one a machine and the other human, reunite after a long absence, their identities and relationship unknown. It visualizes Generation Z’s vision of the future and the ethical issues stemming from rapid AI development.

Lu (Lindsay) Yin | Illustration 5
“Reunion in 2088” oil on canvas
Lu (Lindsay) Yin | Illustration 4
Poolcore | viceroy
Lu (Lindsay) Yin | Illustration 3
Poolcore | Miami
Lu (Lindsay) Yin | Illustration 2
Poolcore | San diego
Lu (Lindsay) Yin | Illustration 1
Poolcore | C.A
Lu (Lindsay) Yin | Illustration
Reunion in 2088 (oil on canvas)
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