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Name: Lydia Keenan

Email: [email protected]

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Instagram handle: lydiakeenanfmp

Fashion Open Studio, established in 2017 as a creative Fashion Revolution initiative, is a showcasing platform that aims to create a safe and transparent space by working and collaborating with new and sustainable innovators, redesigning fashion as we know it.

My proposal in response to our project brief for Fashion Open Studio to reach new audiences, is an app for people to learn, understand, be influenced and to get involved with the development of sustainable fashion within Asia, a continent that is usually the target of big brands taking advantage of their laws in low developing countries. It includes  interviews with industry professionals, news stories relating to sustainable fashion, a shopping page, and a place for aspiring creatives to communicate and collaborate with each other that contributes to a safer and greener future for the upcoming generation. 

My proposal aims to build an inclusive community in one space that reinstates the importance of knowing who and where you’re buying from on an app that is just as accessible and aesthetically pleasing as a fast fashion app running today. 

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Introduction homepage to my app.
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