Rejoice Bozho



Instagram: rejoice_bozho

For this project, I wanted to create an haute couture collection. I will create a lux street-style womenswear collection that is timeless. I will include the brand’s style to create something extra, glamorous with a cool streetwear twist to it. I will be researching the brand’s past collections and inspirations alongside their other activities. My concept will be based onhiking and Haute Couture as my inspiration, which creates what I call ‘HIKE COUTURE’ which is a collection appropriate for events such as the met gala, and Oscars but is inspired by hiking clothing and gear. Fabric inspiration will come from the hiking clothing, which will mostly be Nylon and I chose to make it an all-black collection.

Rejoice Bozho | Fashion 5
Rejoice Bozho | Fashion 4
Rejoice Bozho | Fashion 3
Rejoice Bozho | Fashion 2
Rejoice Bozho | Fashion 1
Rejoice Bozho | Fashion
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