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Hey, I’m Malika Saggi, a creative soul weaving tales through design. Join me on a journey through a kaleidoscope of projects that mirror my passion, spirit, and the essence of the world around us.

Let’s start with ‘Joyful Typography’, a project that resonates with colors, playfulness, and pure delight. Each cut, each width of paper forming the word ‘joyful’ speaks of the happiness found in every little thing. It’s a celebration of the simple joys that light up our lives.

The ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ poster stands as a powerful call to action. Through design, I echo the alarming truth that clothing’s impact on the planet can surpass that of plastic. This poster is my voice for a sustainable future, urging all to rethink choices and embrace eco-consciousness.

In ‘Work Smart Anywhere’, I reimagine workspaces. Abandoned buses metamorphose into dynamic hubs, fostering community connections. Placed near local shops, they become hubs for productivity and growth, not just for individuals but for local businesses too.

‘A Day in Motion’, my poster, captures 24 hours in a symphony of visuals. In each frame, life unfolds – lights flicker, cars move, and nature shifts. It’s a dance of time, an ode to the beauty of everyday life that often escapes our notice.

Now, let’s talk about the ‘Happiness Campaign’, a collection of GIFs that tell stories of shared smiles. It’s a beautiful testament to how moments of joy, no matter how fleeting, create ripples of positivity. Each GIF carries an emotion, a memory, and a spark of happiness. Share them, tag us, and join the chain of joy.

In ‘See Crazy Dreams’, a 60-second video, I invite you to explore imagination’s horizons. Through each frame, I convey the magic within dreams – dreams that are wild, untamed, and limitless. It’s a reminder that creativity knows no bounds, that we are the architects of our dreams.

The ‘Hope Zine’ is my tribute to resilience and the human spirit. Through the journey of my father and others, it encapsulates strength in the face of adversity. It’s a beacon of hope, a guide for those navigating the path of loss, reminding them that every ending carries the promise of a new beginning.

‘Inspired by Nature and Environment’ is more than a book; it’s an artistic odyssey. It encapsulates the marriage of art and nature, where ceramic marvels inspire artworks crafted from leaves, flowers, and stems. This book is a journey through beauty and inspiration.

Each project, a piece of my heart, echoes the importance of creativity, resilience, and connection. Being an international student, I’ve mastered the art of balancing studies, part-time work, and daily life. It’s been a whirlwind, a year-long journey culminating in these creations that define who I am today.

Here’s to embracing art, embracing life, and embracing the endless horizons possibility. Join me in celebrating the magic of creativity, the wonders of nature, and the profound power of human expression. Let’s continue to dream, create, and make the world a more vibrant place.

Malika Saggi | Graphic Design 14
Malika Saggi | Graphic Design 6
Embrace the journey in just 60 seconds: 'See Crazy Dreams'.
Malika Saggi | Graphic Design 8
Amplifying the urgent call for change with my poster! In a powerful visual statement, I shed light on the environmental impact of clothing, surpassing even plastic in its harmful effects.
Malika Saggi | Graphic Design 13
A heartfelt journey of resilience and hope in my cancer-themed zine.
Malika Saggi | Graphic Design 12
Unveiling "A Day in Motion" – a mesmerising poster capturing 24 hours in a symphony of visuals.
Malika Saggi | Graphic Design 11
Redefining workspaces with "Work Smart Anywhere"!
Malika Saggi | Graphic Design 10
Unveiling a symphony of nature and art in every page!
Malika Saggi | Graphic Design 9
Embracing pure delight with our "Joyful Typography" poster!
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