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“Reviving Tradition” is a graphic design project that explores the intersection of tradition and modernity through the creation of 16 new Adrinka symbols. Rooted in Ghanaian culture, Adrinka symbols hold deep cultural significance, representing values, beliefs, and life lessons. This project aims to breathe new life into these symbols by merging existing ones to create contemporary interpretations that resonate with a diverse and global audience.

By carefully selecting and combining Adrinka symbols, the project seeks to convey fresh meanings that reflect the complexities of modern life while honoring the timeless wisdom of the past. Each symbol’s visual language has been meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of unity between tradition and innovation, maintaining the symbols’ essence while infusing them with a renewed relevance.

The project explores two distinct printing techniques: hand printing and digital printing. Hand printing captures the authenticity of traditional craftsmanship, while digital printing embraces accessibility and the ability to reach a broader audience. Both techniques cohesively bring the new symbols to life, emphasizing the fusion of tradition and modernity.

“Reviving Tradition: Contemporary Interpretations of Adrinka Symbols” serves as a tribute to the resilience of cultural heritage and the power of graphic design to transcend boundaries. The project not only celebrates the beauty of Adrinka symbols but also prompts critical reflections on the evolving nature of cultural symbolism in an ever-changing world.

Nana Abbott | Graphic Design 6
Reviving Tradtions Contempary Interpretation of Adinkra Symbols - Hand Block Prints
Nana Abbott | Graphic Design 12
Laser cut Block Prints
Nana Abbott | Graphic Design 11
New Contempary Adinkra Symbols with names
Nana Abbott | Graphic Design 10
Trio of Hand Print Patterns
Nana Abbott | Graphic Design 9
Hand Print Pattern - Digitally repeated
Nana Abbott | Graphic Design 8
Digital Made Print
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