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Hello, I’m Molly! A Fashion Media & Promotion graduate, who specialises in Creative Direction for Editorial, based in Canterbury, Kent. My forward-thinking and attention to detail, combined with my well-researched and captivating concepts, continuously expresses my appreciation and consideration to the past, present and future of fashion.

For my final major project, I focused on fluid-fashion, meaning “clothing that refuses to belong to one gender or genre”. I used my skillset of art direction, creative writing, styling, editing, content creation and marketing to create a fluid-fashion magazine, outing the traditional ‘womenswear’ and ‘menswear’ labels, and allowing true self-expression and individuality to be at the forefront of my magazine, specifically referencing toxic masculinity and the lack of space and representation there is within the fashion industry.

Who Says…

Introducing Who Says…, a British monthly fluid-fashion style magazine, celebrating all gender identities, covering various topics on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, culture and runway, produced both print and digital. A magazine curated that pushes the boundaries on gender expression, specifically eliminating the menswear and womenswear binaries, and the stereotypes they may carry, and allowing self expression, true identity, freedom of choice and freedom of being, to eternally be at their core value. Who Says… creates a community of like-minded individuals, free in their ability to think, feel, act and most importantly, be. A space in which one can express themselves without fear of judgement. Who Says… incorporates a colour palette that’s minimal, a youthful freshness and inclusive to all, whilst keeping up with the latest trends and styling, shown accessible to all.

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