Muyun Zhang

MA Jewellery


Instagram: @muyunzhang_jewellery

Email: [email protected]

Artist’s statement:

A background in photography and jewellery design at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute brings a keen visual sense to Muyun Zhang’s jewellery designs. Her creations exude an exaggerated and dramatic design language.

Driven by a profound fascination with the human experience, Muyun delves into the spiritual realms of individuals and the emotional connections between people. Her artistic explorations encompass both figurative and abstract aspects of human existence. 

In this body of work, Muyun examines the intricate dynamics of parent-child relationships within families. Employing symbolic language, she unveils and amplifies the underlying themes. Metaphors hold a special place in her artistic expression, and she has skillfully incorporated elements with metaphorical significance into her pieces.


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Muyun Zhang | Crafts
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