Yuchen Jia

MA Jewellery


Flowing healing voices

As a Chinese jewellery designer, I specialised in product-oriented design during my undergraduate studies. Noticing the growing need for spiritual healing among my friends, I aim to incorporate related themes into my works. My project promotes mental healing through playful jewellery, evoking joyful childhood memories for relaxation. Inspired by sound therapy and ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), I focus on sound perception. Muyu, an ancient Chinese temple meditation instrument, serves as a fitting prototype, modified as a foundational element. These pieces resemble freely assembled building block toys with wearability, aiming to offer simple yet effective interactive jewellery to my audience.

Yuchen Jia | Crafts 4
Flowing healing voices
Yuchen Jia | Crafts 3
Muyu objects
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Yuchen Jia | Crafts 6
Muyu brooch
Yuchen Jia | Crafts 5
Yuchen Jia | Crafts 2
Muyu wheel - handheld piece1
Yuchen Jia | Crafts 1
Muyu wheel - handheld piece2
Yuchen Jia | Crafts
Muyu objects - interactive way
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