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Graphic Design


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In this final major project, I wanted to make a luxury branding that is towards Indonesian culture. The main reason for me to make this project is to combine Indonesia heritage into a luxury product. I feel that in many luxury brands I haven’t seen a brand that has a strong culture present, but more into symbol that represent their brand. May it be an animal, flower or just name; but where they come from to represent culture is a different story. So, by doing this project I want to showcase Indonesia beauty of fabric that is called ‘Batik’ in the luxury packaging of jewellery and represent their branding and educate their culture in an appropriate way and to try revamp ideas of Indonesia into a global and local scale.

I think that using cultural elements in the luxury branding is an effective way of promoting Indonesian beauty within the culture and this will also bring something unique to the luxury market. As the ‘Batik’ pattern already has a strong identity, using it in the brand can make people internationally feel interested in Indonesia. Having that representation in the brand as a local consumer myself can make us as natives feel represented and proud to be recognized. Using the Batik patten in my luxury brand allows people who are not familiar with the pattern to see it as luxurious and makes them curious about the origin of the pattern including the material of how it is made.

Beurlian jewellery is a brand that is inspired by Indonesian culture of Batik. The name of the brand means jewel because the original name was ‘Berlian’. I decided to make the sound of the word be the name of the brand, so international people can say the name easily. With the Indonesian pattern that is represented in the logo is a Batik pattern called ‘Kawung’ that means jewel, elegance, a kind heart, and beautiful soul. I’m hoping that this brand can make Indonesia be known more to the luxury market and helps it into a wider audience.

Nafiisa Yasir | Graphic Design 4
Logo of Beurlian Jewellery
Nafiisa Yasir | Graphic Design 3
Box packaging of Beurlian Jewellery
Nafiisa Yasir | Graphic Design 2
Business Card of Beurlian Jewellery
Nafiisa Yasir | Graphic Design 1
Certificate of Beurlian Jewellery
Nafiisa Yasir | Graphic Design
Letterhead of Beurlian Jewellery
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