Naomi Aindow-Clark

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‘Grounded’ embodies Naomi Aindow-Clark’s experience of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Reflecting on her distorted reality, Naomi uses repetitive slow process crafts to enter a flow state. This allows time and reality to fade, creating a safe haven, distracting from an otherwise chaotic mental load, in an attempt to control chaos.

Naomi intricately pierces copper and silver which she then distorts, creating an embodiment of controlled chaos. Elements are enamelled, where over firing allows for hints of colour to peek through black, as a reminder of light in the darkness. The juxtaposition of hand embroidery, as a representation of flow, and distorted copper becomes a symbol for the balance of mental health in the form of jewellery. The collection aims to highlight the positive impact of slow process craft on mental health.

Naomi Aindow-Clark | Crafts 5
Naomi Aindow-Clark | Crafts 4
'Controlling Chaos' - enamelled copper.
Naomi Aindow-Clark | Crafts 3
'Flow' - silk organza, smooth purl, cotton thread, faux suede.
Naomi Aindow-Clark | Crafts 2
'Growth' - oxidised silver
Naomi Aindow-Clark | Crafts 1
'Entangled' - oxidised silver
Naomi Aindow-Clark | Crafts
'Hints of Life' - oxidised silver and enamelled copper.
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