Rachael Plassard

MA Jewellery


My work reinterprets traditional ornament, taking inspiration from highly decorative styles throughout history.

Interwoven with personal narratives, this shrine-like collection reflects on my family’s journey with memory, its gradual fade and disruption, its fragility and power, and its complexity. Using ornamentation and the frame in my work signifies the importance of cherishing and collection.

By bearing and trusting in my sadness’s, I have made a transition into something new, finding beauty in loss and empowerment in the unknown.

Rachael Plassard | Crafts 5
Faded Acanthus Brooch
Rachael Plassard | Crafts 4
Faded Acanthus Necklace
Rachael Plassard | Crafts 3
Disruption Brooch
Rachael Plassard | Crafts 2
Faded Acanthus Earrings
Rachael Plassard | Crafts 1
Faded Acanthus Ring
Rachael Plassard | Crafts
Pathless Forest Necklace
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