Poppy O'Brien

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160423 (2023)

Informed by experiences of the Dartford Crossing, 160423 (2023) is an installation of paintings exploring the phenomenon of light and spatial encounters. A process of observing and  translating evolves and unfolds across paintings in a subtle language of geometric abstraction. Through the superimposition of these elements, I attempt to interpret and reconfigure various facets of my experiences, distilling them into abstract compositions. 

Interactions found  in the surface of the paintings are also extended to their display in space. The paintings are configured into responsive arrangements where they are able to interact with the surrounding architecture and light. Using ideas of  seriality and monochrome, an echoing of forms builds a  tempo of visual movement from one  painting to the next. Through this means of display, it  is my intention to make more apparent the connection between light, space and perception, a link that usually goes unnoticed in daily life.

Poppy O'Brien | Fine Art 4
junction, 2023
Poppy O'Brien | Fine Art 3
junction, 2023
Poppy O'Brien | Fine Art 2
160423, installation view, 2023
Poppy O'Brien | Fine Art 1
tunnel II, 2023
Poppy O'Brien | Fine Art
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