Rachel Manning

Fine Art


Business email - [email protected]

Instagram - @rachelmanningart

Abstraction and action painting has always been a keen interest for me, exploring areas such as gesture, materiality, and fluidity. Making mistakes is an integral part of my practice – I don’t want to hide imperfections but rather work with them to make them apart of the work. I don’t think that my work is “perfect” but I believe this opens up dialogue between individuals who choose to engage in my work. Fundamentally, I believe that art should make someone feel a sense of emotion and provoke thought. I intend to connect with the viewer on an emotional level and inspire them to think about the process behind an abstract painting.

I work with acrylic paint, contrasting between using thin washes of colour and textured areas achieved with a palette knife and modelling paste. My paintings are constructed with layers, where I am able to build up and work upon my ideas.

Rachel Manning | Fine Art 5
Bloom (2023)
Rachel Manning | Fine Art 4
Faultline (2023)
Rachel Manning | Fine Art 3
Wave (2023)
Rachel Manning | Fine Art 2
Green Fantasy (2023)
Rachel Manning | Fine Art 1
A Happy Accident (2023)
Rachel Manning | Fine Art
Wildfire (2023)
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