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Over the three-year course studying at UCA I began to identify the way in which I approach my practice through a conceptual exploration through various forms of media. Having a background in psychology, I started developing my practice through concepts of memory and rupture within first year. Continuing onto the sublime experience through second year to then naturally come to exploring discourses surrounding vulnerability within performance and theatrical personas in my final year.

My motivations include developing altered states as a form of world building, reconstruct the truths we know about the world around us. My aspirations post graduation is to extend my practice into the theatrical industry, expanding on navigable landscapes that create an experience to encapsulate the audience. Creating alternatives to the real, a concept posed by Jacques Lacan.

My final installation for the Degree Show is called What is in the Now, is Spoilt. Which is a landscape predominantly based around the limbo state between the conscious self and the subconscious self: the transitional states where vulnerability exists. The existence of vulnerability has been explored from emancipation, deprivation and paralysis induced by extraneous circumstances. The title refers to the issue of interpretation. By externalizing an internal landscape from within, through speech, gesture, and other expressions. The way in which other beings understand and reinterpret the landscape laid out before them has been altered from the original state. The notion that when something is presented it is changed, evolved or even spoilt. My practice and final piece have been an attempt to understand the discourse of vulnerability as an experience.

The work uses a mixture of film relating to the flux of fear and concrete cones which are hyper extensions of the body. A shell, an additional bone, horn, extension: an evolutionary product of the vulnerable states. Protection. I chose to establish a serious of broken versions of the hyper extensions in order to represent the sacrifice of the external body, the weathering process.  Broken Centuries representing the sacrificial elements of vulnerability.

Christina Richards | Fine Art 6
Christina Richards | Fine Art 5
Hyper Extensions
Christina Richards | Fine Art 4
What is in the Now, is Spoilt.
Christina Richards | Fine Art 3
What is in the Now, is Spoilt.
Christina Richards | Fine Art 2
Fear Flux
Christina Richards | Fine Art 1
Hyper Extended
Christina Richards | Fine Art
Hyper Extensions
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