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My graduate collection combines all the mediums I like to use as a print designer, which are dye sublimation, screen-printing and creating cyanotypes. Overall, I like to use digital and hand printing to create colourful and textural prints on themes like nature and architecture integrated. Studying at UCA for four years (Foundation and Degree) I have learnt to utilise other materials within my designs as well as fabrics – which is heavily shown in a second year unit and my final collection. This links into becoming an aspiring sustainable Textile Designer, making Upcycled Furniture and Home Decor.

UCA Rochester is what has inspired my final collection, many reasons include the closure of the campus – that it faces this year. Being part of the last year that graduates from here is a big achievement, however, a sad one as well. I’ve met so many creative people and made amazing friends who feature in my collection. As well as, my Dad Dave and Uncle Stephen Webster studied here in the late 70s both doing Jewellery Design – when it was still Medway College of Design. Other reasons for choosing this as my concept was the specific architecture, as I fell in love with the building both in and outside. I’ve always said that the interior is like a ‘maze’ because all the bottom half of the University looks similar – one open day I couldn’t find the way to reception again. While the exterior looks like some steps. I love the brick building and the particular style of the campus.

Within my work, I wanted to celebrate the history of the building, creativity and say a thank you to being able to study at my dream University that I had been aiming for since getting my GCSE results. I was intending to at the start include something about the political side of Arts education – however, decided to stick with looking at the history (getting to look at the Archives) and present time. The processes I used – was trying to utilise all of the equipment that was at our disposal for the last few months. I had also decided to have fun exploring the Film Photography labs. Screen-printing is a major part of this utilisation, as I had spent nearly everyday in the print room – printing on reused fabrics that I had collected to cut the cost down of my final collection. I used another type of Photography process, producing cyanotypes and printing onto Ceramics with Digital Dye Sublimation.

Ruby Webster | Fashion 5
This is a cyanotype created from drawings of the campus with masking tape texture from Screen-printing patchworked fabrics for my Wall piece. This has also been a featured work throughout my Portfolio design and Business Cards.
Ruby Webster | Fashion 4
This is a photo taken by Sonny Barthley. showcasing my Wall-hanging, Chair and Storage box. which are made up of all reusing materials - Chair was found in UCA Rochester building, while I found the storage box on the side of the road and Wall-hanging is made up of fabrics from my collection from over the years. i did this to be more sustainable and consume less materials.
Ruby Webster | Fashion 3
The artwork for the Tiles is visualised on London Underground Stations, that I have visited and taken photos of. The physical tiles include 12 tiles all together and connect in a collage that is made from both hand and digital dye - sub processes.
Ruby Webster | Fashion 2
These are four tiles with the collection that connect together. I chose to showcase this on here, is the difference in the computers, as I wanted to look at past and present of the technologies we used in different decades.
Ruby Webster | Fashion 1
This is a developed collage that was created to be a Halftone screen print. as I wanted to incorporate images when screenprinting on to fabric. the cobblestones on either corner relate to the road going down the side of the college, that has been there even when my Dad was studying there.
Ruby Webster | Fashion
This is an original drawing of the college I did, showcasing my Dad's Ford Zephyr
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