Sally Couchman

Fine Art


[email protected]


My pattern of thinking is influenced through the exploration of various mediums, letting the inks morph into obscure patterns, watching organic structures form from clay and plaster, igniting a rich platform for new ideas. A curiosity of mystical phenomena, mythology and symbolism plays a part in my work. My work centres around dreams and the surreal imagery that appear from a library of archived memories that collect in my subconscious.

Focussing on escapism as I construct my own imaginary worlds from mixed media, natural landscapes that take an anthropomorphic aspect as faces and creatures merge into the architecture when you take a closer look when you step into a world of imagination. You can find symbolic thresholds that lead you through narrow passageways as you go through a labyrinth of metaphorical Escheresque winding staircases and portals.


Sally Couchman | Fine Art
Dream collectif Ink on paper
Sally Couchman | Fine Art 4
up close. Polyurethane, wood, wire, acrylic and watercolour
Sally Couchman | Fine Art 3
Wish you were here. Polyurethane, wood, wire, acrylic and watercolour paint.
Sally Couchman | Fine Art 2
Conversations. Sculptures, plaster, wire, water colours
Sally Couchman | Fine Art 1
under the surface Ink on paper, Solvent transfer. A3
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