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I’m “There was beauty in my destruction” I look at back on a journey through a painful time of change.

In the middle of such a journey we can feel feelings of hopelessness, pain and despair…. groundless and disorientated. For me this was followed by a sense of liberation and an opportunity to reassess myself and my life at midlife.

I have explored storytelling and vulnerability through a number of collage pieces that capture my own feelings about the journey through pain and the shared experiences of the women I’ve listened to and read about during my research.

I printed the collage’s onto fabric and they form the central piece of large fabric banners which are bright and rich in colour. Images have also been printed onto wallpaper.

“There was beauty in my destruction” is a story of pain and hope, transformation, liberation and the sharing stories to provide “me too” opportunities and hopefully a feeling of solidarity.


Catherine Guest | Fine Art 5
There was beauty in my destruction
Catherine Guest | Fine Art 4
Catherine Guest Degree Show
Catherine Guest | Fine Art 3
Bring the beat back
Catherine Guest | Fine Art 2
Catherine Guest | Fine Art 1
Catherine Guest | Fine Art
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