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Hi, I am Sungwon Yoon, a BA textile design student specialising in Printed Textiles. I have a huge passion for nature and abstract patterns that I make using my hand-made tools. I enjoy challenging the limits of my imagination and hope people will meditate upon nature through my work. My work is centred around creating a medium that depicts sensory experiences and communicates with people through touch, and I mostly use hand-drawn with my own recycled hand-made tools which contribute to sustainability and create an organic aesthetic in my work. Through using the delicate techniques of screen-printing and bamboo & silk devoré, I have developed my own approach using various experiments, which means a departure from abstract concepts such as temperature, communication, memories, or emotions, and I find these concepts appealing because they are subjective and can be interpreted differently by different individuals based on their experiences, culture, and perception.

The Inheritance: Sentient Being

I have always wondered if trees can feel emotions, have you? The final major project, which was supported by my personal research of trees as sentient beings, formed my initial interesting inspiration. Specifically, it represented my emotional connection to our family persimmon tree which held special memories for me but was lost in an accidental fire. To express my distress over the tragedy, I explored devoré, a technique for burning cellulose fibres, and I was able to create distinctive bark-like patterns. The fond memories associated with spending time in nature under the persimmon tree, have given me an unusual point of inspiration. I reframed my perspective by treating trees as sentient beings and interpreted how trees can express emotions through their bark. This project allowed me to pursue my passion for nature and to seek my own textile by expressing trees conceptually.

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My portfolio showcases my passion for mark-making and pattern creation, which begins with the simple behaviour of collecting reusable materials. These materials consist of objects that have lost their function as essentials, such as remnants of cloth, uneatable vegetables, and recycled paper. By reinventing these materials through my own storytelling medium, I am able to create unique and meaningful patterns. Tools also play a crucial role in my creative process, and I believe that the tools I use should be created by myself in order to align with my artistic values.
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