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As a third-year student studying fashion textile print design, I have embarked on a creative endeavor that has culminated in my final collection titled “Tribal Chic Ink.” This collection embodies three distinct concepts that converge harmoniously to create captivating and expressive patterns. By skilfully merging the seemingly contradictory ideas of heritage, novelty, and pigments, I have crafted designs that invite viewers to delve into the intricate elements comprising the prints. In creating my textile print designs, I employed a variety of media and processes to bring my creative vision to life.

Throughout the creative process, I employed a combination of traditional and digital techniques, adapting them to suit the specific requirements of each design. This multidimensional approach enabled me to achieve the desired visual impact and effectively translate my ideas into tangible textile prints.

Central to this collection is the integration of traditional markings and scarification, which infuse vibrant energy into the textile patterns. Each piece is meticulously crafted to emphasize the elaborate intricacies of these traditional tribal markings, resulting in a truly unique and visually captivating aesthetic. The intention behind these designs is to showcase the rich cultural symbolism and beauty of tribal symbols and markings.

Throughout my creative process, I have delved into various design concepts, drawing inspiration from the captivating allure of tribal marks and scarification within African culture., my appreciation for these traditional elements has deepened as I have become increasingly captivated by their visual appeal. I find allure in utilizing line drawings to develop intricate patterns that pay homage to the rich heritage of tribal artistry.

My project serves as a testament to my fascination with African culture and my personal identity. By incorporating elements from Ghanaian culture, the vibrant colors found in African fabrics, and the symbolism of tribal marks and scarification, I seek to introduce organic themes into my work. I envision my completed collection as a source of inspiration, a platform for discussion, and an opportunity for individuals to share their experiences and appreciation for African culture. By embracing traditional and exquisite art at its core, my designs are poised to be well-received by both African and global communities.

To bring this culturally influenced product design, which showcases tribal marks and scarification in Africa, to a global audience and make a profound statement, I recognize the importance of conducting extensive research. Understanding the origins and cultural significance of these traditions is crucial in ensuring that my work accurately represents and respects the heritage from which it draws inspiration.

In summary, my textile print design work is driven by a deep-rooted passion for cultural preservation and creative exploration. I am motivated to celebrate and honor African culture while infusing it with a contemporary twist. Through my designs, I aspire to challenge preconceived notions, bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of African culture. By sharing my work, I aim to inspire meaningful conversations, promote inclusivity, and create a future where diverse cultural influences are cherished and embraced.



Jasmine Ahmed | Textiles
"Tribal Chic Ink" Collection
Jasmine Ahmed | Textiles 5
Cushions and Throw Collection :Photograph by Sonny Barthley
Jasmine Ahmed | Textiles 4
Mugs and Coaster Collection Photograph by Sonny Barthley
Jasmine Ahmed | Textiles 3
Mug,Coaster,Scarves and Gift Bag Collection :Photograph by Sonny Barthley
Jasmine Ahmed | Textiles 2
Scarves and Gift Bag Collection :Photograph by Sonny Barthley
Jasmine Ahmed | Textiles 1
Cushions Collection :Photograph by Sonny Barthley
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