Willow Harrild

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Stemming from art historical references, the work I create explores the framing of everyday occurrences seen through arched, window-like spaces, conceptualising a readable, narrative based work. Using print based methods such as dry-point etching, every piece becomes part of an archive, documenting the narrative of everyday life.

With Albrecht Durer’s “Melencolia” (1514) providing inspiration, the elements of space, framing, light and narrative are present in my own “Melancholia” (2023) . Featuring five etchings, each arched window leads onto the next enveloping a circular narrative, with the encased imagery reflecting comfort in pensive mundanity. Ethereally illuminated by warm light, the images are romanticised, isolated as their own moments in time, yet set free from containment by text floating on the surface. As an overall floating structure, references to stained glass windows and Renaissance framing are invoked, forging a subtle link between the contemporary and the historical.

Willow Harrild | Fine Art 6
"Melancholia" 2023
Willow Harrild | Fine Art
Professional Practice Portfolio
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Willow Harrild | Fine Art 5
"Melancholia" 2023 Installation View
Willow Harrild | Fine Art 4
"Melancholia" 2023 Details
Willow Harrild | Fine Art 3
"Melancholia" 2023 Details of Book
Willow Harrild | Fine Art 2
"Let me hold the suns rays in my palms"
Willow Harrild | Fine Art 1
"Melancholia" 2023 Details
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