Xinao Yang

MA Fashion Design


This collection is for 2024-2025 AW which contains a one-piece dress and a irregular knitting coat.The dress is mainly free draping by light white polyaster and with water colour patten printing to make a loose and dropping dress.The sleeves are made by cloth with soft nap and can be get off from the dress.The dress is going to create a soft and free feeling and it can be worn all year round by get on and off the sleeves.The coat can be seperated into many pieces and even in half to make many different wearing styles.The fabrics are heave and some of them are fur and cotton,to make the coat much warmer.There are also many bright colours being used to make the coat look more lively.The knitting used in this collection shows the concept of connection.The photoshots were taken on a natrual island with both male and female models as this collection is unisex.This view and choise on models is tend to show the power of the life and the freedom of ourselves.

Xinao Yang | Fashion
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