Christina Yang

MA Fashion Design


Instagram: @un0_official

Personal Instagram:@christ1na0a

Email: [email protected]


This outfit is part of the first collection of my brand Un-0, which is based on the theme “Too Glam to Give A Damn”. This ensemble draws its inspiration from the spirit of rock and roll. The attire is full of rock and roll inspired features. A combination of a transparent tank top and a soft single-shoulder cami make up the top. And for the bottom I chose an exaggerated silhouette to enrich the outfifit. The design of the trousers is reminiscent of the shape of a guitar. The large, ostentatious pockets and adornments on the trousers are derived from the features of the guitar. The photos both show a feeling of delight. This is the message I was attempting to communicate through my design. I sought to capture the vibrancy of gender flfluidity through the amalgamation of multiple fabrics. The designs also illustrate my brand’s mission, which is to encourage people to explore their true selves, to be their own muse, and not to follow the crowd or be restricted by stereotypes in their pursuit of self-importance.

Christina Yang | Fashion 11
Christina Yang | Fashion 10
Christina Yang | Fashion 9
Christina Yang | Fashion 8
Christina Yang | Fashion 7
Christina Yang | Fashion 6
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