Xueer Wang

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Instagram: piaopiaowang240724

Xiaohongshu: piaopiaoWang

piaopiao Wang is a womenswear brand founded in China by designer Piaopiao Wang. The designer, Piaopiao Wang, has always been passionate about traditional Chinese clothing culture and wishes to show her unique understanding and innovation of traditional Chinese clothing culture in her brand. Inspired by the new Chinese style, the designer interprets the new Chinese style from her personal perspective, combining her pursuit of nature and freedom with the ancient Chinese humanistic spirit of authenticity, advocating the expression of extreme freedom and true nature in her clothing and showing her spiritual world in her clothing. Wandering style is the keynote of the brand’s entire design thinking, drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese nomadic costume and exploring innovative forms of expression in between. At the same time, the brand incorporates sophisticated oriental elements into simple clothing shapes, creating a free and unrestrained image of the new oriental independent woman.

Xueer Wang | Fashion 1
wandering alone, beautifully alone
Xueer Wang | Fashion
piaopiao Wang A/W 24 WANDERING
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