Hoi Kwan Leung

MA Fashion Design


Instagram: @____jacl____

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Hoi Kwan Jacqueline Leung

JACL is created by Jacqueline Leung who born and raised in Hong Kong, the homeland filled with both eastern and western culture. With the growing background in such a mixture of culture, Jacqueline gains inspirations and by using an imaginative, curious and delicate approach of design makes the brand to focus on exploring the balance between minimal and maximal, oriental and western aesthetics, as well as reflecting the beauty of one’s independent and confidence side through wearing our garments.

“The Gaze” is an AW 23/24 womenswear collection which took inspiration from a bold and contradicted period of time, creating a juxtaposition between Victorian costumes and Surrealism’s organic forms. This collection is exploring the balance between elements and how can they be interacted.

Hoi Kwan Leung | Fashion 5
"The Gaze"
Hoi Kwan Leung | Fashion 4
"The Gaze"
Hoi Kwan Leung | Fashion 3
"The Gaze"
Hoi Kwan Leung | Fashion 2
"The Gaze"
Hoi Kwan Leung | Fashion 1
"The Gaze"
Hoi Kwan Leung | Fashion
"The Gaze"
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