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My degree project concerns researching current status of sustainable development in the luxury make-up sector and developing a proposed sustainable business plan for NARS. There is currently a gap in the market for sustainable luxury make-up products in the industry. With the increased environmental awareness of Gen Z and millennials and their quest for healthier skin-friendly ingredients, there is significant market demand. Primary research has identified NARS as a high-impact and high-potential luxury cosmetics brand in the international market, but it currently has some unsustainable market performance. The NARS ‘Beauty In Future’ campaign (a new sustainable make-up product line) will be developed and marketed in the UK market. The business plan includes using refillable product packaging and adopting environmentally friendly and skin-friendly ingredients. They will meet consumer needs and establish a positive and responsible brand image for NARS. It will also promote the circular economy and green consumption in the luxury make-up industry.

Yueyi Huang | Marketing 6
The NARS 'Beauty In Future' sustainable make-up product is made with ethically sourced, locally grown, and improved ingredients such as rose extract, shea butter, sweet almond seed oil, gardenia, and jojoba seed oil, all cruelty-free.
Yueyi Huang | Marketing
Cover of Degree Project
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Yueyi Huang | Marketing 5
This is the NARS foundation product mock-up in a refillable aluminium packaging design. It is easily recyclable, durable, and waterproof. Aluminium has excellent protective properties and provides an impermeable metal barrier, perfect for protection against external aggressions. It can maximise the life cycle of the product.
Yueyi Huang | Marketing 4
This is the NARS lipstick product mock-up in a refillable aluminium packaging design. The lipstick base is rotatable. When the customer has consumed the entire lipstick, turn the base and only purchase a refill and reinsert it into the lipstick container for the second use.
Yueyi Huang | Marketing 3
This is about blockchain tracking of NARS product UI references (from sourcing raw materials, production, shipping, and warehouse to retail shops). Customers can track the product's carbon footprint at each step of the process and see how much of the product is in stock in the retail stores.
Yueyi Huang | Marketing 2
This is a sustainable statement of the NARS "Beauty In Future" campaign promotion announcement on Instagram.
Yueyi Huang | Marketing 1
This is a paid advertisement for NARS Beauty In Future on Instagram. By sponsoring posts, better engagement can be driven and brand's environmentally-friendly influence will also be increased.
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