Yuting Lin

Graphic Design


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: Yutingtt_33

A “small society” on the metro

My illustration depicts the metro and the uncivilized behaviors in the carriages in the form of a long horizontal axis. Exaggerated monsters are used as the main subject, and the various uncivilized behaviors in each carriage are presented in a witty and humorous way.

I have chosen a part of the illustration to be made into a lenticular, with two different images to make people aware of the need to be civilized on public transport rather than behaving like a monster. I hope that through my work we can work together to build a harmonious and civilized public environment.

Yuting Lin | Graphic Design 5
A "small society" on the metro
Yuting Lin | Graphic Design 4
Some exaggerated uncivilized behavior.
Yuting Lin | Graphic Design 3
The uncivilized behavior of people on the metro is shown with some monsters as the main subject.
Yuting Lin | Graphic Design 2
Contrast the behavior of people and monsters on the metro , suggesting that people should ride in a civilized manner.
Yuting Lin | Graphic Design 1
One side of the lenticular
Yuting Lin | Graphic Design
The other side of the lenticular
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