Zhengqi LI



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I am a student from China, so I want to use Chinese culture to do my graduation project. I am very interested in myths and some ancient Chinese monsters, so I chose Chinese mythology as the theme for research.

At the very beginning of the research, I studied the trend of Chinese colors and adopted some ideas to combine with my design. I recreated the pattern through copywriting on traditional clothing and used collage and hand-painted methods to find inspiration. Check out Books to study myths and legends.

This graduation design mainly refers to the costume design and pattern design of traditional Chinese costumes. It mainly studies the cutting and color matching of traditional costumes and combines mythological content to create patterns, mainly symmetrical Chinese-style patterns. Combining traditional costumes with modern designs, revamping and designing costumes, performing multiple integration and development processes, and deciding on the final design.




Zhengqi LI | Fashion
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Zhengqi LI | Fashion 4
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Zhengqi LI | Fashion 3
Zhengqi LI | Fashion 2
Zhengqi LI | Fashion 1
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