Zixin Zhang

Graphic Design


This book is a non-linear narrative photography book that explores the blurring of boundaries between spaces and the concept of the derivation of seams, taking as its theme the interstitial spaces in urban space. Through the photographs, the reader can feel the existence of these interstitial spaces and their relationship to urban space.
Throughout the book, there is a line of physical properties that runs throughout, a line that symbolizes a connection and continuity, and implies the connection and dependence between spaces. The reader can travel between the different pages through this line and feel the connection and the inherent tension between the different photographic works.

The installation next to the book is a container that holds various trapped people, symbolizing the urban space as a container filled with various different people and things. This installation and the book form a microcosm of society, demonstrating the concept of urban space as a dynamic rather than a static container as proposed by Lefebvre. This combination of installation and book also echoes the connection and dependence between spaces expressed by the photographs in the book.

The significance of this book is that it explores the existence and meaning of the interstitial spaces in urban space through photography and non-linear narrative, presents the connections and dependencies between spaces, and expresses a questioning and reflection on the static concept of urban space through the form of the installation container. Through this book, readers can re-examine urban space and our living environment, and think about how to break the limits of space and build a more inclusive and orderly urban space.

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