Whether re-evaluating their own work or embarking on a new fine art journey, students on our Fine Art course at UCA Farnham have tested the boundaries of what constitutes art practice in the 21st Century.

Throughout the course, students have developed their visual and conceptual thinking with the aim of establishing and refining a research project to be developed into either a practice-based or theoretically led enquiry beyond graduation.

Here, you’ll see those projects brought to life.

Elizabeth Davies | Fine Art 6

Elizabeth Davies

MA Fine Art - Farnham

Meng Zhang | Fine Art 4

Meng Zhang

MA Fine Art - Farnham

Michael Palmer | Fine Art 5

Michael Palmer

MA Fine Art - Farnham

Nadine Senior | Fine Art 6

Nadine Senior

MA Fine Art - Farnham

Soniya Purwal | Fine Art

Soniya Purwal

MA Fine Art - Farnham

Tianxing Wang | Fine Art 7

Tianxing Wang

MA Fine Art - Farnham

Wasim Asghar | Fine Art 5

Wasim Asghar

MA Fine Art - Farnham