Students on our Photography course at UCA Farnham become skilled not only in the act of photography but in the art of it.

Our course emphasises how important images can be on our experience of the world, the power they can hold. They’ve learned digital and analogue techniques, found their individual style and have developed a deep critical awareness of the discipline.

Their final project is the launchpad to their future careers as photographers – defining their degree experience and their lifelong practice. Here, you’ll be able to see their fully fledged style.

LJ Chandler | Photography

LJ Chandler

BA (Hons) Photography - Farnham

Lois Mooney | Photography

Lois Mooney

BA (Hons) Photography - Farnham

Sarah Wilson | Photography 5

Sarah Wilson

BA (Hons) Photography - Farnham

Shanice Petilaire | Photography 5

Shanice Petilaire

BA (Hons) Photography - Farnham

Silvia Pedrazzini | Photography 5

Silvia Pedrazzini

BA (Hons) Photography - Farnham