Alesha Knight

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Canterbury


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Phone: 07547230837


Instagram: Alesha.designs


Fixing deal’s environment before it’s too late!

The sustainable centre located in Deal is dedicated to instigating positive environmental transformations within the local community and further out.

This centre operates with a dual approach, catering to both its members and the general public.

The protests and event’s organised in site are making physical change to the surrounding and include seed bombing and moss graffiti, seed bombing, a method where seeds and soil are combined and strategically dispersed in areas lacking greenery and vegetation. This act not only promotes biodiversity but also aids in beautifying and enhancing the natural landscape, another one of the many act’ is moss graffiti a creative and effective means to draw attention to environmental issues while simultaneously making tangible improvements to the surrounding areas.

My project aim was to combine innovative and impactful activities while providing an educational impact, the sustainable centre in Deal is actively engaging in efforts that not only raise awareness but also bring about physical changes that benefit the environment and the community at large.

Alesha Knight | Interior Design 5
Proposed floor plans for my project.
Alesha Knight | Interior Design 6
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Alesha Knight | Interior Design 4
Existing site: The regent, Deal.
Alesha Knight | Interior Design 3
Proposed design.
Alesha Knight | Interior Design 2
Proposed design.
Alesha Knight | Interior Design 1
Proposed design.
Alesha Knight | Interior Design
Proposed design.
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