Lin Han

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Canterbury


IG account: @drawint_lyn

Personal Email : [email protected]

The Dreamland Hotel is dedicated to offering a unique therapeutic scheme for Seasonal Affective Disorder ( SAD ) patients. This hotel is customed to provide top-tier experience focused on wellness plans featuring daily light therapy including exposure to the natural sunlights, and relaxation sessions in hotel lounge or roof terrace. Our expert staff strives to support continuously, ensuring each guests emotional and physical well-being. Helping them rediscover joy and vitality to relieve symptoms coming out of your heart, Dreamland Hotel would be sanctuary for those suffering from SAD, with diverse treatments and friendly staff dedicated to alleviating symptoms and uplifting users.

Lin Han | Interior Design 6
Elevation Dreamland Hotel
Lin Han | Interior Design 5
Lin Han | Interior Design 4
Atmosphere of inside
Lin Han | Interior Design 3
Exploded AXO
Lin Han | Interior Design 2
Ground Floor
Lin Han | Interior Design 7
First Floor
Lin Han | Interior Design
Roof terrace
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