Alex Newman

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


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Instagram: newman.designs

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Who am I?

My name is Alex Newman and I enjoy creating typographic inspired work. At University I have enjoyed experimenting with animation and printmaking but found that typography and editorial design are my strongest areas and the ones I’m most passionate about. This is the sort of design I will pursue in the future.


Final Major Project – Swipe

Swipe is the first of a proposed Zine series looking at news articles from a specific year, and how these news articles have been presented through both TikTok as well as traditional means, such as Newspapers. This series will cover a range of News articles spanning a variety of topics from Political conflicts to Celebrity controversy.

The TikTok articles focus more on ‘fake news’ as well as how important news is received by their users. The other traditional articles are taken from a range of newspapers, such as The Guardian or The Daily Mail to show the contrast between how different News outlets distribute news.

This book interprets how news can be conveyed in a 30 second video rather than a 2-3 A3 page news article and how this can connect with how younger generations have shorter attention spans compared to older generations, and why this could be how and why short videos appeal to them more.

Alex Newman | Graphic Design
Poster designed using one of my books Headlines
Alex Newman | Graphic Design 6
Swipe Edition 1 Front Cover
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Alex Newman | Graphic Design 5
Mockup of 2 Poster designs
Alex Newman | Graphic Design 4
Purple, Orange and Pink Headline Poster 1
Alex Newman | Graphic Design 3
Purple, Orange and Pink Headline Poster 2
Alex Newman | Graphic Design 2
Newspaper Article Poster Design
Alex Newman | Graphic Design 1
Mockup of my Book
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