Alice Baddeley

BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles


instagram: alicebaddelyprint

email: [email protected]

The Elements of Armour, is a womenswear collection that, draws inspiration from the natural world’s need to protect itself. Through print and surface manipulation my collection speaks to the resilience and strength inherent in both nature and the feminine spirit, creating a parallel in which nature preserves and defends. My collection draws inspiration from natural forms, textures, and surfaces found in Characteristics of animals, such as armadillos from which I took inspiration to incorporate metal materials and imagery linking the concept of armour.

The ‘Elements of Armour’  in a tactile, creative, innovative approach has explored the juxtaposition of surfaces by printing rigid metal imagery onto soft, mate, fluid-like fabrics, and metallic surfaces engaging and adorning the elegant feminine silhouette with non-traditional imagery and materials.

Alice Baddeley | Fashion & Textiles
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