Bertrice Pompe

BA (Hons) Fashion



[email protected]

My final collection for this project is womenswear plus size, ready to wear. The theme of the project is called Behind the Allure of a Woman, and the inspiration is from a more personal level, based on where I come from, how I feel, what gives me strength, and where I am right now (geographically), my present situation and the future after I graduate. My concepts include my hobbies which are flowers and things from my culture. A lot of my inspiration comes from cultures (especially the lost ones) and nature. I wanted this project to be as sustainable as possible, so I looked into denim. One of my Favourite fabrics that I used was a leopard print chiffon embroidered with denim and gold rust coloured thread. I used a lot of denim, some new and some recycled. I made rustic prints on white denim with old tools found in my garden. My favorite piece is the extra long butterfly half skirt with my business name lasered on the left front panel of it. The extra bleached and slashed-in layer added at the end of the skirt’s hem represents all the weight and pain that I carry every day, but on the brighter side, the top of the skirt’s straps are adorned with denim flowers. My collection is playful, elegant, and also casual and carefree with lots of colours.

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Bertrice Pompe | Fashion & Textiles
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