Philippa Aldridge-Ward

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier


Inspired by Mary Quant and her ethos, making clothes a girl could “run for the bus” in, this collection evolved from key graphic shapes from the 1960s which I developed into my own innovative 3D construction processes. My design throughout has been informed by physical exploration and experimentation on the body.

Combining stiffened panels with lightweight crepes and satins creates a series of unique shapes, which I broadened further by using wadding to pad up sections of garments. Each technique has adifferent way of moving on the body. From this, I created a collection of original garments which celebrate movement and vivid lifestyles.

I have utilised fine finishing skills throughout, particularly in the coat where I applied besoke tailoring techniques. I have combined skills learnt across the full range of my course including unconventional pattern cutting, working on the bias and hand finishing to develop my collection to the fullest and realize it in a professional, well-finished manner.

Philippa Aldridge-Ward | Fashion & Textiles 6
Final Collection "Youthful Vibrancy" bespoke coat
Philippa Aldridge-Ward | Fashion & Textiles 5
Portfolio summarising the collection design process
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Philippa Aldridge-Ward | Fashion & Textiles 4
Look 1: Dress made from alternating stiffened drill panels and flowing crepe panels to give a swinging, fluid motion
Philippa Aldridge-Ward | Fashion & Textiles 3
Look 2: Top and Trousers made using wadding to build up the form
Philippa Aldridge-Ward | Fashion & Textiles 2
Look 3: Top and Skirt made using canvas to creates ridges and valleys around the skirt
Philippa Aldridge-Ward | Fashion & Textiles 1
Look 4: Top, Skirt and Coat made using bespoke tailoring techniques
Philippa Aldridge-Ward | Fashion & Textiles
Look 4: Interior view of top and skirt which feature both wadding and canvassing techniques
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