Bristy Pathan

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


The project revolves around creating a museum where, all different ethnic groups from Tower Hamlet and London as a whole come together in this space where equality is formed and maintained and different cultures and their history is respected and valued, through artworks, sculptures, scripture, books and artifact. Racism and racial hate crime is quite prevalent in Tower Hamlet, this museum takes you through a journey of learning about different cultures, and the racism they have faced within their history, while exploring different nations history, this museum becomes a hub for activism against racial hate crimes and teaches younger generations to respect and value all ethnic groups equally. This museum becomes a headquater for members of different community to come together and protest against certain moments in history where key figures that commited crimes against humanity have sculptures made of them, these scuplture will be removed and fragmented and displayed within the building while new sculpture of members who have positively impacted upon history will be made within the museum by artist and these sculpture will be placed thoughout London and beyond as a symbol of equality and utopia. Although racial hate crimes and racism will exist within the world, however, we can create a monument designed to reduce and educate our younger generations, inspired by the 2019 black lives matter movement

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Bristy Pathan | Architecture 6
Between Memorial & Celebration : Museum of Culture 1:50
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Moments of Enlightenment & Peace
Bristy Pathan | Architecture 5
The Museum of Culture, Axonometric.
Bristy Pathan | Architecture 4
The museum of Culture, 1:200 Section
Bristy Pathan | Architecture 3
The World of Cranes, A story of Activism & change
Bristy Pathan | Architecture 2
The Library of Peace, All cultures intertwined within its doors.
Bristy Pathan | Architecture 1
The Journey to Enlightenment and Peace, the end.