Bronwyn Bryant

BA (Hons) Photography - Farnham


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Instagram : bronwynbryant_photography

Email : [email protected]

Throughout Bronwyn Bryant’s work there is a commitment to instances where humans and the environment intersect specifically focusing on waste, industrial units, and new developments. Bryant’s most recent work “Just about Adequate” explores her enthusiasm for nature by photographing new-build housing estates, natural vegetation from green field land locations, and supplement vegetation planted by landscaping companies, which are then collaged together. This work was prompted by a conversation which often took place amongst family members surrounding the development of housing estates, build quality, and the land that developers decide to build on (which was often green field land). Bryant hopes that this work will make individuals think about the environment, nature, and the wildlife which occupies specific locations and what will happen to the quality of life not only for humans if we continue to mass build on green field land.

Bronwyn Bryant | Photography 4
Bronwyn Bryant | Photography 3
Bronwyn Bryant | Photography 2
Bronwyn Bryant | Photography 1
Bronwyn Bryant | Photography
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