Kota Ishida

MFA Photography


1971 1998 2021

At the age of 26, I find myself face to face with my mother, who was also 26 when she carried me. Between us lies the five-month-old foetus that is myself.

Suddenly, I find myself contemplating my origins. The image of myself captured in an ultrasound photo, and the expressions and emotions of my mother at that time.

By employing transformative technologies such as AI, 3D scanning, and 3D printing, it becomes possible to transcend the barriers of time and space and meet those who are not here but whom we long to see.

This allows me to encounter, touch, and feel my mother at the same age as I am now, and the foetal version of myself, preserved in a past moment captured in a photograph.

Kota Ishida | Photography 3
Kota Ishida | Photography 2
Kota Ishida | Photography 1
ultrasound scan
Kota Ishida | Photography
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