Cui Tongyue

Visual Communication Design


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Starting from the survival relationship between Generation Z and digital filtering recommendation algorithm in digital space and real society, the concept of “information flow propagation orbit” was proposed. This work extracts the essential theoretical concept of information flow transmission phenomenon, takes text visualization as the design concept, draws inspiration from mathematics and biology, regards the information flow in digital space as a whole composed of information units (information elements), summarizes information elements with spheres, and takes the mathematical relationship of intersection, tangent and separation of spheres as the visual design rules, combines the concept of seed growth. This paper connects the eight stages of dynamic information flow propagation with the phenomenon from seed to flowering, and uses 3D modeling as the main graphic language design means to construct the information flow propagation track. The work also tries different printing processes and materials, in order to better present the negative butterfly effect on social stability caused by the alienation of the trend of information flow transmission under the digital filtering recommendation algorithm from the visual form, and guide the Generation Z to think about the stable development of public responsibility in the future information civilization society.

Cui Tongyue | ICI China 6
Visual overview of graduation design exhibition
Cui Tongyue | ICI China
Graduation project Overview
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Cui Tongyue | ICI China 5
Book binding design
Cui Tongyue | ICI China 4
Posters design
Cui Tongyue | ICI China 3
Postcard design
Cui Tongyue | ICI China 2
The model is in the studio
Cui Tongyue | ICI China 1
The visual effect of the model in the exhibition
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