Daisy Mohamed

BA (Hons) Animation


Instagram: @daisymanimation

Website: daisymohamedanimation.com

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/daisymohamed4725

This showcase features my graduation film, Experiment Albert. Experiment Albert is based upon a real psychological experiment called The Little Albert Experiment in which a baby is experimented on to test the extremes of human control. I wanted to put my own spin on this experiment, so the idea for a horror film with a similar premise was born.


Daisy Mohamed | Animation 5
Poster for Experiment Albert
Daisy Mohamed | Animation 4
#1 Shot from Experiment Albert. A man stares at an apple on the table.
Daisy Mohamed | Animation 3
#2 Shot from Experiment Albert. A man is in a red room struggling in pain.
Daisy Mohamed | Animation 2
#3 Shot from Experiment Albert. A man seeing something from the window.
Daisy Mohamed | Animation 1
Behind the scenes photo of the production of Experiment Albert.
Daisy Mohamed | Animation
Behind the scenes photo from Experiment Albert.
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