Isobel Jeffery

BA (Hons) Animation


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: isobelartdesign


I am Isobel Jeffery, an animator and illustrator that is focused on creating lively character motion through the medium of storytelling. One word that describes my work is energetic, I enjoy stretching the limit of forms, and bending them to new shapes to exaggerate the movement I create. The aim of this project was to show a story, carried by visually comedic elements. Through studying various classic cartoons and silent films, my final animated film ‘9 to 5’ features physical and slapstick comedy, accentuated by the art of animation.

I find inspiration in both the mundane and whimsical, which can be seen from the eccentric characters in the office setting of ‘9 to 5.’ The backgrounds are intentionally drawn simplistic with a textured brush to highlight the colourful and shape-orientated character designs, that move around the space in a playful and amusing manner.

Both characters’ ordeals are emphasised by exaggerated action and facial expressions throughout the short story; wherein a dull office gets slowly destroyed by the incompetent office workers, becoming increasingly more extreme, to a completely comical level – stemming from my fascination with the narrative trope of ‘Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.’

Isobel Jeffery | Animation
9 to 5 Poster
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