Ellen McDermott

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


Email: [email protected]

Website: ellenlouisemcdermott.com

Instagram: ellen_louise_mcdermott

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ellenlouisemcdermott/

For the last few years my practice has been centred around defining the connection between liminality, space and emotion; more specifically the nostalgic and uncanny characteristics associated with transitional spaces within place and time. Over time my project gradually developed into the exploration of liminal theory specifically concerning Dementia and the connection between its emotional and spatial qualities.

Dance me to the End of Time is a short film detailing the day-to-day life of my nan who was diagnosed with Lewy Bodies Dementia in 2022. This animation is the conclusion to a three year long project completed through my own personal experience of living with a close family member experiencing the mental and emotional decline inflicted by Dementia. I thought that I could continue developing my project further through animating my nan’s story and raising awareness of her condition, whilst further developing my exploration of liminality and raising awareness for other families who are experiencing the same reality.

Ellen McDermott | Illustration 7
Dance Me to the End of Time
Ellen McDermott | Illustration
Dance Me to the End of Time
Ellen McDermott | Illustration 5
Windowsill Still
Ellen McDermott | Illustration 4
Dining Room Still
Ellen McDermott | Illustration 3
Coffee Table Still
Ellen McDermott | Illustration 2
Sleeping Still
Ellen McDermott | Illustration 1
Corrupted Bedroom Still
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