Louisa White

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


Email: [email protected]

Website: louisawillustrates.wordpress.com

Instagram: @louisaillustrates

Hi! My name is Louisa, and I am an illustrator based in Kent with a keen interest in children’s book illustration. Experimentation is essential in my process. I love contrasting bold colours, using different textures, dynamic angles, and exciting perspectives to inspire my landscape and character design.

‘The Book Bandit’ is a children’s book I wrote and illustrated promoting the vitality of libraries in communities. This is the story of Paige, a little girl from a low-income home who only owns one book herself. When she gets bored of this same, stereotypical story about a trapped princess waiting for her knight in shining armour, she wrongfully steals books from other kids in her class. The places she can visit from reading excite her, but she learns that it is not okay to steal. Instead, she is introduced to her local library, where she can take out as many books as she likes for free as long as she returns them.

Louisa White | Illustration 5
Front Cover for ‘The Book Bandit’
Louisa White | Illustration 4
Opening page of a block of flats.
Louisa White | Illustration 3
Paige’s mum reading her a bedtime story.
Louisa White | Illustration 2
Paige being transported into a story about a dinosaur.
Louisa White | Illustration 1
Children reading together.
Louisa White | Illustration
Children meeting up outside the public library.
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