Gemma Collins

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Canterbury


Hello, I am Gemma. I actively raise money for charity and volunteer because I am passionate about caring for communities and addressing local needs. This commitment drives my project work, where I focus on enhancing and resolving real-world issues to drive positive social change. As a swimming instructor, I prioritise health and mindfulness, which fuels my passion for NOVA and informs the development of a future wellness spa that meets the needs of its guests.

Additionally, the site I chose for my project is located in Margate, a town with a rich history of wellness associated with the sea, notably through its Lidos and now vacant Sea Bathing Hospital. Inspired by this heritage and motivated by the desire to revitalise wellness in a modern context, I am rekindling the essence of seaside wellness through NOVA at the Sunshine Café. Drawing from the legacy of Margate’s wellness traditions, my aim is to create a contemporary wellness spa that harnesses the rejuvenating power of the sea. By transforming the Sunshine Café into NOVA, I hope to offer guests a revitalising experience that honours the town’s past while embracing the possibilities of the future.

NOVA’s mission is inherently tied to economic vitality, serving as a contemporary AI retreat for the fast-paced, hard-working world, offering a sanctuary of respite. By utilising locally sourced materials, promoting sustainability, and creating employment opportunities, NOVA supports the local economy while ensuring financial stability and growth.

NOVA begins in the welcome area, where guests proceed to the discovery domain for comprehensive brain, body, and blood pressure scans. Based on these assessments, NOVA illuminates the circulation route and signage to guide guests to the most beneficial zones. While the experience remains flexible, this personalised approach ensures optimal outcomes.

Upon arrival, guests relinquish their tech devices to fully immerse in an AI-guided experience, enhanced by smart wearables with biometric sensors for personalised service. The spa features distinct zones: The Non-active (mind) zone, offering IV drips, yoga, light therapy, and aromatherapy to promote tranquillity, and the Active (body) Zone, which provides various hydrotherapy treatments, including sauna, steam, ice, and ocean experiences. After exploring these zones, guests enter the Reflection Room for an analysis of their journey’s strengths and areas for improvement. NOVA also utilises sustainable materials that enhance well-being and represent the future of design. Embracing sustainability, NOVA collects rainwater for drinking and maintains a rooftop greenhouse for herbal café ingredients. Guests conclude their journey with herbal teas from the rooftop garden and can purchase NOVA’s signature products.

NOVA delivers a comprehensive wellness experience for health-conscious individuals, wellness enthusiasts, and those seeking to de-stress in an eco-friendly environment. NOVA’s mission is to revolutionise wellness with advanced technology, holistic practices, and sustainability, offering personalised transformative experiences that promote health and community connection, setting a new standard for mindful well-being.

NOVA – Lighting the Path to Tomorrow’s Success.

Gemma Collins | Interior Design 7
Experience NOVA's north transversal section at a 1:50 scale, offering a captivating insight into the architectural intricacies and design elements of the future Wellness Spa.
Gemma Collins | Interior Design
NOVA's advertisement video delves deeply into the manifesto of the wellness spa, guiding viewers through an immersive journey.
Gemma Collins | Interior Design 6
The PDF file showcases the core components of NOVA's extensive research, programming, and visual presentation.
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Gemma Collins | Interior Design 5
Discover NOVA's east longitudinal section at a detailed 1:50 scale, providing an immersive glimpse into the intricacies of its design and architecture.
Gemma Collins | Interior Design 4
The concept collages capture the essence of the shared zones, non-active zones, and active zones, providing a visual representation that resonates with the desired ambience and atmosphere of NOVA.
Gemma Collins | Interior Design 3
Step into NOVA's welcome area perspective, where the ambience and hospitality greet you with open arms, offering a tantalising glimpse into the serene world that awaits.
Gemma Collins | Interior Design 2
Enter the serene sanctuary of NOVA's non-active (mind) area perspective, where tranquillity reigns supreme, inviting guests into a realm of inner peace and rejuvenation.
Gemma Collins | Interior Design 1
Discover the invigorating world of hydrotherapies within NOVA's active (body) area perspective, where the soothing ambience of the swimming pool sets the stage for a rejuvenating experience.
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