Jenny Hill

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


Encourage non recyclers to recycle.

My Final Mayor Project was created as a tribute to my dad and his Obsessive Recycling Disorder (ORD)! The goal of my project was to motivate non-recyclers to start recycling. In my research, I found that most recycling campaigns emphasise the environmental damage, pollution, and the impact on wildlife. Unfortunately, these messages do not resonate with everyone. Therefore, I focused my project on reverse vending machines, where people are rewarded with money for recycling. I will be advocating for my hometown of Dover to install its first-ever reverse vending machine.

Throughout my project, I used graphics made from recycled plastic bottle labels to visually convey the concept of repurposing materials into something new and meaningful.

What was the outcome?
Stop Motion Video: I created a stop motion video illustrating my personal journey and reasons for recycling, using characters and elements made from bottle labels.

Handmade Typeface: I designed a typeface where all characters and symbols were crafted from bottle labels, and showcased this in a spiral-bound book.

£5 Note Installation: I constructed an oversized £5 note entirely from bottle labels, featuring the White Cliffs of Dover, Dover Castle, my dad, and facts about reverse vending machines.

Jenny Hill | Graphic Design 6
My Dad
Jenny Hill | Graphic Design 7
This is My Dad
Jenny Hill | Graphic Design 11
Handmade typefece 'Bottle Label'
Jenny Hill | Graphic Design 10
Charagter for animation made from bottle labels
Jenny Hill | Graphic Design 9
Large installation of a £5 note made from bottle labels
Jenny Hill | Graphic Design 8
Spiral bound book displaying my typeface
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