Charlotte Roy

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


[email protected]

Instagram: Charlottegraphics_

I am a passionate graphic designer specialising in brand creation. With a keen eye for detail and a love for aesthetics, I love designing packaging, developing memorable branding strategies, and orchestrating impactful campaigns. 

My most recent project, SoulSync, was born out of my own journey through grief, a path I started walking after the loss of my father in December 2023. This personal experience ignited a passion in me to create an app that could offer solace and support to others facing similar challenges. SoulSync provides a safe space for users to share their stories, find comfort in community, and forge new connections with those who understand their journey. It’s not just about connecting people, but about creating a compassionate and inclusive platform that honours the diverse experiences of grief and offers hope for healing.  

SoulSync provides users with access to a variety of supportive services tailored to their needs during times of grief. From one-on-one chats to group discussions, meditation guides to updates on upcoming events hosted by SoulSync, the app offers a comprehensive suite of resources aimed at fostering healing and connection. Upon signing up for SoulSync, users are welcomed with open arms through a thoughtful welcome package. This package is more than just a gesture—it’s a tangible expression of commitment to supporting individuals on their journey through grief. 

Charlotte Roy | Graphic Design 4
Charlotte Roy | Graphic Design 3
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Charlotte Roy | Graphic Design
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